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Qualify365™ makes it easier for contractors, and businesses using contractors, to manage health and safety pre-qualification and supply chain risk.


What is Tōtika pre-qualification?

Pre-qualification is a key piece of the contractor relationship puzzle and in many cases a mandatory requirement as part of RFP, tender submission and/or procurement. It is often described as a basic 'warrant of fitness' for your business in its approach to health and safety fundamentals. 

Tōtika is New Zealand's new nationally-recognised, cross-industry pre-qualification standard, and Qualify365™ is a Gold accredited Tōtika product.

Pre-qualification Benefits

Having a Qualify365™ Tōtika pre-qualification provides peace of mind and risk management support for both parties that key health, safety and well-being practices are in place.

For contractors

For businesses hiring contractors

  • One assessment process and pre-qual certification for use with multiple clients
  • Improve new business wins with an industry recognised health & safety prequal certification
  • Express service every day – no premium for fast turnaround
  • Up to 3 chances to improve your grading score at no extra charge
  • One, simple, easy-to-use platform for all contractors
  • Assessed by qualified health & safety professionals
  • Accredited by Tōtika
  • Simple, fixed, transparent pricing
  • Benchmark your contractors against the market
  • Integrated with Safe365 – a one stop shop for health & safety management

Qualify365™ Pricing

During October 2021 only, get 50% off the RRP of any Qualify365™ product* (T&Cs apply). 

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Category S

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3









NZD per year excl. GST

NZD per year excl. GST

NZD per year excl. GST

NZD per year excl. GST


  • does not employ staff
  • does not engage other contractors, contracts independently; and
  • works independently.


  • No more than 20 employees
  • does not take on contracts in excess of NZ$2.5M; and
  • will not have a primary work activity defined in the Tōtika high or very high-risk work activity schedule.


  • No more than 200 employees;
  • does not take on contracts with value in excess of NZ$20M; and
  • will not engage in a primary work activity defined in the Tōtika very-high risk work activity schedule.


  • employs more than 200 people; and/or
  • takes on contracts with value in excess of NZ$20M and/or
  • takes on a lead/principle contractor or designer role; and/or
  • has a primary work activity defined in the Tōtika very-high risk work activity schedule.

Qualify365™ is aligned with Tōtika's standard pre-qualification categories.

Click here to work out which category you need for your business.

If you’re a Safe365 customer and need a Tõtika health and safety pre-qualification certification; Qualify365 can be added as an extension to your Safe365 subscription. This means you’ll have all your digital health and safety tools in one, secure, global award-winning platform. Pretty neat, huh?

*Terms and Conditions: The pricing offer is valid for Qualify365 products customers sign up for from 00:00hrs 1st October 2021 and prior to 23:59hrs 31st October 2021. Totika PreQualification certification issued in accordance with Totika Core Criteria and Safe365 Terms of Use.

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Health and safety pre-qualification assessments support procurement processes in New Zealand. Governed by Construction Health & Safety New Zealand (CHASNZ), Tōtika has been developed to deliver a common pre-qualification standard and process across industries. 

Before Tōtika there was no common standard for pre-qualification, resulting in a number of independent pre-qualification schemes in individual businesses. This creates significant inefficiency in the supply chain as suppliers have to repeatedly prequalify against different schemes and standards wasting time and money for both clients and contractors. 

Learn more about Tōtika.

Tōtika Scheme Rules Updates:

September 2021: Update for medical professionals contracting as a sole trader:

If you are a registered medical professional operating as a sole trader, the Tōtika scheme rules have been upgraded to recognise your qualification. You are not required to complete a separate pre-qualification. Please visit the Tōtika website to upload your registration/practicing certificate into your Tōtika portal profile.

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